Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Lazy Mouse and the Industrious Mouse

I was watching Ricky Gervais' (the creator of The Office)comedy special on HBO. He was analyzing children's fables and came across the story of The Lazy Mouse and The Industrious Mouse. All summer/autumn, while the lazy mouse was eating berries, having fun, and doing nothing, the industrious mouse was saving berries, chopping wood, and preparing for winter. When winter comes, the ground is cold and hard and the lazy mouse can't find any berries. The industrious mouse is in the "cottage" that he built for himself with a warm fire and plenty of food. The lazy mouse knocks on the door because he's cold and hungry. The industrious mouse lectures him that he should have prepared for winter after his numerous warnings and eventually lets him in. The morale of the story is "work hard and be prepared for the future," but Gervais interprets the morale to be: "f*ck around, do whatever you want, and then scrounge off a do-gooder". It sounds exactly like the mortgage crisis and corporate bailouts.

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