Thursday, February 5, 2009

To the Victor go the Spoils

There are 247 members in the NFL Hall of Fame and not one of them is a punter. The punter is the least glorious position on the team - they don't score, they don't get physical, and they are statistically the most likely to turn the ball over per touch. No one grows up wanting to be a NFL punter (as far as I know). Offense wins games, defense wins championships, and punting simply gives the ball back to the other team (in other words: quitting).

There is an important business lesson in all of this: if you don't produce, you can't get rewarded. I learned this my first year out of college - businesses always reward/protect their profit centers and sacrifice their cost centers (support staff, HR, IT, etc). You can't win the game, if you're not scoring points.

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