Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Best Thing I Ever Ate: Roast Chicken @ Barbuto (775 Washington Street, NY NY 10014)

On my culinary hierarchy, I rank chicken somewhere in the middle - its typically dry, tasteless, and boring.  It really can't compete at the top of the food hierarchy with pork belly, duck breast, slow braised short ribs, or seared foie gras (not unless you count its younger sibling - the egg).  Surprisingly, I actually bookmarked and was looking forward to Barbuto's Pollo Al Forno.

The chicken didn't disappoint at all.  The skin was perfectly seasoned and crispy.  I actually felt guilty cutting into it with a knife because I wanted an equal balance of skin and meat with each forkful (I didn't want to eat the meat with a trailing cape of skin and miss out on the goodness on the next bite).  The meat was juicy and meaty at the same time.  I also ordered a side of patate (potatoes with pecorino and rosemary).  They were super crispy and mostly potato skins with some "potato meat" (I didn't really taste the pecorino or rosemary).  By the time you're done with everything, you will feel satisfied full, not disgustingly full.

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