Sunday, February 26, 2012

Is it Brussel or Brussels Sprouts?

Every kid hates and despises brussel sprouts - its just a natural reaction.  "Eat your brussel sprouts" elicits repressed memories that people have buried for years.  Luckily, my mother neither fed or forced me to eat vegetables that I was fearful of (though she did make spam which I will probably never eat again).  This avoidance of the "bum rap" vegetables (broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, etc.) has led me to discover them with new eyes and cooking techniques.  Special thank you to dell'anima for having the most amazing brussel sprouts. Here's a recipe that I have had the joy of tinkering with the last couple of weeks (I'm not calling it the best recipe yet because I want to experiment with roasting them, but it will make the most finicky eater come back for more):


12oz-16oz - Brussel Sprouts
6 - Cloves of Garlic (sliced)
1/3 - Red Onion (chopped)
Olive Oil & Canola Oil
Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
Dried Bing Cherries (do not use Montmorency cherries) 
Red Wine Vinegar
Kosher Salt

1) Chop the end of the brussel sprouts off.
2) Peel and reserve 3-4 leaves from each brussel sprout and keep them off to the side.
3) Cut and quarter the brussel sprouts into 4 equal pieces.
3) In a skillet or saute pan, combine olive oil and canola oil equally over medium heat (if you put olive oil alone, it will get too smokey).
4) Put the brussel sprouts in the pan and let them carmelize.
5) Season with salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper flakes.  Drizzle a splash of red wine vinegar.
6) Add the onions, garlic, cherris, and pecans and give everything a good stir.
7) When the brussel sprouts are starting to brown, drizzle honey over them, and add in the reserved leaves.
8) Cook them for an additional 2-3 minutes and enjoy.
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ahu said...

this is hilarious... i also call it 'Brussel' sprouts... a vegetable which i love dearly! the recipe looks delicious, love those chili flakes!

Bad Education said...

Hi Hector, this is Theodore, the day barista/bartender at Buvette. Thanks for the kind words in Yelp. If no one has yet told you, we use La Colombe's Nizza espresso beans. We look forward to having you back! And you should try our cavoletti salad next time... raw, shaved brussel sprouts with pecorino.

hector342 said...

@ Ahu - have you had the brussel sprouts at dell'anima? That was my brussel sprout renaissance.

hector342 said...

@ Theodore - thank you for the coffee answer. I love the food at Buvette, but your coffee is the best I have ever had (its the only coffee that I will drink black with 2 dashes of sugar). I have had your brussel sprouts - super light and refreshing.