Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Simplest Thin Crust Pizza Recipe Ever

Nothing makes me happier than preparing a quick, delicious, and easy lunch using 'leftovers' in the fridge.  It doesn't get any thinner than a flour tortilla, plus who wants to mess around making dough or rolling store bought dough.  The recipe is simple, but the taste is complex: the prosciutto gives a subtle meaty saltiness, the shallot adds a light onion flavor without an overbearing dominant onion taste, the egg yolk is nature's perfect sauce, and the sauce/cheese join everything perfectly together. 


1 - Mission Brand Flour Tortilla (burrito size)
1 - Egg
1 - Shallot (chopped)
Prosciutto (torn)
Basil Leaves (torn)
Tomato Sauce (I had phenomenal sauce leftover)
Trader's Joe's Quattro Formaggio Cheese Blend
Kosher Salt 

1) Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Lay the tortilla on a cookie sheet and spread tomato sauce with a spoon and sprinkle the shallots, prosciutto, and cheese evenly.
2) Crack the egg in the middle of the pizza and be sure to season it lightly with salt and pepper.
3) Bake it for 15 minutes (or until the egg is fully set and cooked).
4) Garnish with basil.

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ahu said...

this looks delicious and i LOOOOVE shallots and find they are so under appreciated, so i def love this dish :)

hector342 said...

Preach! Shallots provide the perfect flavor punch (not overpowering) and they are the perfect size (I'm accomplished in the kitchen, but look clueless using Saran Wrap).

Chinese restaurant Brisbane said...

Fast,simple and yet tasty! That's what i like to see. Thank you very much! :)

hector342 said...

Thanks for the feedback - enjoy!

Chinese restaurant Brisbane said...

You 're welcome!