Saturday, January 25, 2014

Almond Meal Flour Pancakes

I'm constantly tinkering with my Pancakes from Scratch recipe. A "Good Day" for me starts out with pancakes, crispy bacon, and a sunny side up egg (sorry Ice Cube, but I need some hog in the morning). I had some almond meal flour lying around (I've been planning to make macarons for years) and I played with the flour ratio of my recipe.  Enjoy the fruits of my experimenting....  

1 - Egg
3/4 cup - All Purpose Flour
1/4 cup - Almond Meal Flour
6oz - Carnation Evaporated Milk
1 tbsp -Sugar
2 tbsp - Canola Oil
1 tbsp - Baking Powder
1/2 tsp - Kosher Salt
1 Tsp - Vanilla Extract
Zest of 1/3 of an Orange
Coconut Oil (you can also use unsalted butter)

Serving: 3 People

1) Mix the ingredients in a bowl until the batter has no lumps.
2) Put coconut oil in a hot griddle or frying pan.
3) Use a laddle to put the batter in to get uniform sized pancakes (perfect for stacking). 
3) Flip the pancakes when they start to bubble in the middle and the edges appear cooked.

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Lisa Marie said...

I am going to try these!!! I LOVE pancakes!!!