Monday, March 16, 2009

Bizarre Foods (London Edition)

Before heading out to London, I DVR'd every show on the Travel Channel about London: Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, and Samantha Brown's Great Weekends for travel tips, ideas, and food suggestions. London isn't considered a food mecca, but here is a sampling of the things that I ate:
  • Potted Rabbit on Toast with Jam (@ Rules Restaurant): Potted rabbit looks like grey meaty tuna fish. Its served with a thin layer of yellow fat on the bottom and you're supposed to spread it over toast and add jam. It was surprisingly good and took my "odd food virginity" away.
  • Venison / Pigeon / Rabbit / Guinea Pie (@ Rules Restaurant): Who would have thought that a pie with four different meats would taste so good? The meat had a beef appearance with a white meat in the middle. The delicious pie crust and brown gravy really complimented the meal.
  • Black Pudding: Black pudding is sausage made with pig blood. I had it as part of the "traditional British breakfast" which consists of eggs, back bacon, (two thumbs down) , sausage, hash browns, beans, and a tomato. Maybe I didn't have "proper" black pudding, but I wasn't much of a fan (it seemed bland and dry).
  • Haggis (@ Boisdale of Bishopsgate): Haggis is minced sheep pluck (sheep heart, lungs, & liver) mixed with spices, onions, and oatmeal. Although it sounds a bit unappetizing, I couldn't believe how great it was - it was like a spicy moist meatloaf. I had it with a shot of Johnnie Walker on top and wished I hadn't - the alcohol overpowered it and dulled the spices.

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