Monday, March 30, 2009

Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout

I try, emphasis on try, not to fall victim to all of the Facebook quizzes and viral "25 Things About Me". The LivingSocial application is the latest rage - you rank your top 5 everything: favorite albums, TV shows, sports teams, and you can go on for eternity. Recently, they had a Top 5 Beers which I had to think long and hard about. I credit my appreciation of beer to the unlikeliest of souces: my college friend Dave (AKA Davo). Although I never drank beer in college (I transitioned from Bacardi Limon to Southern Comfort to Vodka), it wasn't until Davo introduced us to Belgian beers, that I ever even considered beer. He discovered it while doing the "Beer of the Month Club" (he also put us onto to different cheeses when he did the "Cheese of the Month Club" - cranberry chevre, anyone?). Once we got a taste, coupled with the much higher alcohol content (8.5%-10.5%; regular beer is 4%), we never turned back. WARNING: taking a case of Duvel camping with you is not advisable (amongst the casualties the next morning: someone's charred blanket, toilet paper doused with lighter fluid and thrown into the fire, and all memories of the night before).

Davo also introduced us to Brooklyn Brewery seasonal beers and I go on a yearly hunt to find and stock up on Black Chocolate Stout. This year, I found a deli in the East Village which keeps them well stocked and $14 per 6-pack. The Black Chocolate Stout is only available in the winter and is a treat if you are able to find it. If you pour it into a glass, it looks like very dark coffee and tastes like the Spanish soft drink Malta with some added punch. Weighing in at a whopping 10% alcohol, its surprisingly easy to drink and has notes of chocolate and coffee. Its perfect by itself and with a rich dessert (cheesecake).

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