Monday, June 15, 2009

Hey Young World: Puerto Rican Day Parade

It's that time of year in New York where you see Puerto Rican flags draped on car hoods, fire escapes, and fingernails....the 52nd Annual Puerto Rican Day Parade (made famous/infamous by the Seinfeld episode). I actually tuned into WPIX this year and couldn't help but cringe the entire time. It was like watching a slow motion car wreck on repeat. None of the announcers spoke Spanish or bothered to gain a rapport, the guest interviews were pointless (Calle 13), and it seemed completely condescending (complimenting onlookers on obviously ignorant things). The reporters expected everyone to dance salsa on queue and the people they chose to interview were zombies who answered every question with "Boricua!", "Viva Puerto Rica!", or whistling. Being of Puerto Rican descent, I despise the commercialization and desecration of the flag with coquis (tree frogs), cocks (rosters), muscle men, or whatever nonsense they think of. I have no problem with being proud, but don't embarrass the rest of us by playing into negative social stereotypes.

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Random Thinker said...

sometimes makes me glad to not be Puerto Rican... but at least you have a parade that gets televised. we, cubans, have a parade that no one even thinks about... unless you're a gusano.

hector342 said...

Isn't there a "We Are the World" type Hispanic Parade in October? If they televise it and you are being interviewed, be sure to scream "Cuba Libre!" to every question.