Thursday, May 6, 2010

Is Everything Overrated?

There is definitely a relationship between expectations and disappointment.  The more I look forward to something, the more disappointed I get.  I'm learning to trust Yelp less and less (I'll try the most mentioned dishes at restaurants, but it seems like people are easily impressed).  Here are a few lessons that I've learned:

1) You can't go wrong with Pork (pork belly, pork tacos, pork buns, pulled pork, pancetta)
2) You can't go wrong with Brunch (except when you're waiting in the cold for 2 hours on Valentine's Day - I hate you Clinton Street Bakery!)
3) Risotto is an art
4) Just because something has truffle oil in it, doesn't mean its automatically good (I think I might have a truffle oil fetish - along with basil, cilantro, and lemon zest)
5) Alcohol makes every meal better
6) Never rule out eating anything (I used to hate mushrooms and who would have thought that I would have liked pate/foie gras/duck)
7) There's nothing worse than a good meal and a bad dessert
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