Monday, October 27, 2008

Everything at its Time

I have a very bad history of rewarding myself. I've always been very conservative with the mind set of Todo a Su Tiempo (Everything at its Time). My car lease was ending this month and I had made myself a promise that I would get a BMW when my lease expired. I did all of my homework and knew exactly what I wanted. After negotiating a great deal, I decided to push the envelope by walking out to get a sweeter deal. I figured the car dealer would grab onto my ankle and not let me leave (especially in this economy). He confirmed that I was getting his best deal since I was putting no money down, getting a fully loaded car, and had free scheduled maintenance. They actually let me leave! I called two days later and got 36,000 miles, instead of 30,000 miles, for the same price.

I picked up my car last Saturday - 2009 BMW 328xi (the '09 model says X-Drive on the side instead of saying 328xi on the back). I've driven Honda Accords since 1997 and have always been happy, but there is no comparison. I was driving at 80mph and it felt like I was cruising at 30mph. The iPod connectivity is crystal clear when compared to my old static producing monster cable. Overall, I'm very happy and can't wait to drive on a nice country road with plenty of curves.

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