Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I've Died and Gone to Yankee Stadium

I finally made it out to Yankee Stadium and the baseball gods scorned me for going to Citi Field's Opening Day (my game was delayed for 1 1/2 hours and then postponed). Since I got to the Stadium at 10:30am, I had plenty of time to walk around and explore. There were no climate controlled seats, refrigerated cup holders, plasmas over each urinal, or an EZ-Pass entrance, but here is what I noticed:
  • The entry concourse is impressive with banners of Yankee greats in black and white on one side and color on the other side
  • The food selection is pretty diverse: Nathan's hot dogs, Brother Jimmy's BBQ, Hard Rock Cafe, Johnny Rockets, NYY Steak, Mohegan Sun Bar, Boar's Head Deli, Garlic Fries, Lobel's Steak Sandwiches, Mexican food, Famiglia Pizza, sushi, and noodles
  • The lines for concessions and the men's bathroom are considerably shorter (the urinals are now wall to wall - in the old Stadium people always threatened to use available sinks/garbage cans)
  • The dimensions remain the same and the seat size / legroom have improved
  • Monument Park is supposedly open throughout the game (but closed during rain delays)
The new stadium is a definite upgrade, but I can't see where they spent $1.5B - its the 2nd most expensive stadium after Wembley.

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