Sunday, May 31, 2009

The L Word

The championship that the NBA and most of the world wanted to see won't be happening. The Nike puppet commercials might have jinxed the "dream championship matchup" - instead of Kobe vs Lebron, its going to be The Black Mamba vs Superman....*yawn* Don't get me wrong, the Orlando Magic deserve their just due, they beat Lebron James in 1 on 5 basketball (despite the phantom liberal foul calls). Lebron learned the same thing Michael Jordan learned against the Detroit Piston: he needs role playing players (Ho Grant / Rodman - rebounds, Paxson / Hodges / Kerr - 3 point specialists, Cartwright / Longley / Wennington - useless big men to hack quality centers) and a viable second scoring option (Pippen / Kukoc). Here's the question on my mind, will Shaq show up wearing an Orlando Magic jersey to the Finals?

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